Dear Colleagues, 

I am pleased to include another issue of RFS Briefings with some timely and encouraging updates on women in science.

Please continue to share important news and opportunities with us so that we may share it with you and others who are committed to supporting the careers of exceptional women in science.

Stay safe and sound,

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Karla Shepard Rubinger
Executive Director
Rosalind Franklin Society

Teens who discovered new way to prove Pythagoras’s theorem uncover even more proofs.

Two college freshmen who, during their final year of high school, found a new way to prove Pythagoras’s theorem by using trigonometry – which mathematicians for generations thought was impossible – have since uncovered multiple more such proofs. Read more. (Image: Ne’Kiya Jackson and Calcea Johnson on CBS’s 60 Minutes. Photograph: CBS's 60 Minutes)

ARPA-H, led by RFS speaker Renee Wegrzyn, goes international! 
ARPA-H seeks to invest in innovations and technologies that will transform the future of health. “We are completely open for global funding. One of the reasons the UK is our first visit is the incredible innovation happening and multidisciplinary nature of the work, and the assets here such as national health data, so there’s really an advantage for us to collaborate,” says Dr. Wegrzyn. Read more. See her presentation here.

Join Keystone Symposia for Eight Upcoming Meetings on Genetics, Genomics, and RNA Research.
Keystone Symposia (a member of our Council of Academic Institutions led by Deborah L. Johnson, PhD, President and CEO) convenes dynamic, open, and engaging conferences on the frontiers of life science research and innovation. Whether you are a geneticist, immunologist, student, full professor, clinician-scientist, industry researcher, from the government non-profit sector, or any other life science investigator, Keystone Symposia provides a valuable and memorable experience across sectors and career stages. Read more.

Patricia LoRusso Elected President of American Association for Cancer Research.

Since 2014, Dr. LoRusso has held numerous faculty, research, and leadership positions with the Smilow Cancer Hospital and the Yale University School of Medicine. She currently serves as the Amy and Joseph Perella Professor of Medicine, chief of experimental therapeutics, and associate director of the Yale Cancer Center. Read more. Image: Yale School of Medicine.

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation 2024 Research Fellow Award.
Apply today for the 2024 MMRF Research Fellows Award Program, supporting early-career researchers at the post-doctorate, medical fellow, or junior faculty levels interested in multiple myeloma research. Read more.

Nominations are now open for the Research!America 2025 Advocacy Awards.
The awards recognize individuals and organizations whose commitment to advocacy for research and innovation has advanced medical and public health progress in profoundly important ways. The deadline for nominations is Friday, May 31, 2024. Read more.

Measuring Bias: Kate Zernike Shares How Exceptional Women Are Not the Exception.
Past RFS speaker Kate Zernike talks about her book “The Exceptions: Nancy Hopkins and the Fight for Women in Science” and the key role of RFS board member Nancy Hopkins at MIT. Check out her RFS presentation here. Read more.

American Society of Clinical Oncology Recognizes Jennifer Pietenpol for Contributions to Cancer Research.

Jennifer Pietenpol, executive vice president for research and chief scientific and strategy officer at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, has been awarded the 2024 Science of Oncology Award from the American Society of Clinical Oncology. The award is presented annually to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to cancer research. Read more. Image: Jennifer Pietenpol PhD Momentum Magazine. Photo by Joe Howell.

Walder Foundation announces 2024 Biota awardees. 
The Walder Foundation in Chicago has announced the five recipients of its $1.5 million Biota Awards. This year’s recipients include Liza Lehrer, assistant director of the Urban Wildlife Institute at the Lincoln Park Zoo and Gabriela Nunez-Mir, assistant professor at the University of Illinois Chicago. Read more.

Prebys Foundation announces first all-women cohort of research heroes.
The San Diego-based Conrad Prebys Foundation has announced grants totaling $7 million to its inaugural all-women cohort of 14 Prebys Research Heroes. “Scientific progress is driven by the courage to explore the unknown and ask new questions,” said Prebys Foundation CEO Grant Oliphant. “Through this initiative, we’re not just funding research, we’re investing in a future where diverse perspectives lead to discoveries that benefit all of humanity.” Read more.

8th Annual Vivian W. Pinn Symposium.

The Vivian W. Pinn Symposium honors the first full-time director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH), Vivian Pinn, M.D., and is held every year during National Women’s Health Week. The title of this year’s symposium is “Synergy in Science: Innovations in Autoimmune Disease Research and Care.” This symposium is a convergence of cutting-edge insights and collaborative efforts in the realm of autoimmune diseases. Providing the keynote address, “Understanding the Immunome: Past, Present, and Future,” is Jane Buckner, M.D., President of Benaroya Research InstituteRead more. Image via NIH.

Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology.
The International Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology is awarded annually to one young scientist who is not older than 35 years for the most outstanding neurobiological research based on methods of molecular, cellular, systems, or organismic biology conducted during the past three years. Apply by June 15, 2024. Read more.

GE Aerospace commits $22 million for engineering, workforce, disasters.
GE Aerospace has announced the launch of its GE Aerospace Foundation, which has committed $22 million in support of the Next Engineers Engineering Academy, as well as workforce development and disaster relief initiatives.“This impact is felt not just in the programs we fund but in the time our employees devote to local efforts year in and year out, whether volunteering their expertise or just lending a hand,” said GE Aerospace Foundation president Meghan Thurlow. Read more.

'We're meeting people where they are': Graphic novels can help boost diversity in STEM, says MIT's Ritu Raman.

Live Science spoke to MIT professor Ritu Raman, one of the lead science advisors on The Curie Society series, about how graphic novels can help promote STEM education, why diversity is so important, and what it's like to be immortalized in comic book form. (Image credit: MIT Press (left) and L'Oreal USA (right). Read more. Check out her presentation at the Rosalind Franklin Society 2019 year end meeting.

The Beacon Award for Women Leaders in Oncology.
The nomination deadline for the 2024 AIM-HI Beacon Award for Women Leaders in Oncology is approaching! Don't miss the opportunity to honor a trailblazing woman leader. Submit an online nomination no later than Friday, May 31. Read more.

Scoop: Women in Global Health launches investigation, man to lead board.
A man has been appointed as board chair of Women in Global Health, and the organization is under investigation. Members of the global organization are outraged. Read more.

NFCR CEO Dr. Sujuan Ba Honored at AAPI Women’s Gala 2024.

This 8th year’s gala, themed “Resilience and Perseverance,” honored Dr. Sujuan Ba for her exemplary leadership at The National Foundation for Cancer Research and other organizations she is part of and her pivotal role in advancing cancer research. Read more.

RCSA Welcomes 2024 Class of Cottrell Scholars.

Research Corporation for Science Advancement has named 19 early career scholars in chemistry, physics, and astronomy as recipients of its 2024 Cottrell Scholar Awards. Each awardee receives $120,000. Read more. (Image: Top row: Carlos Argüelles Delgado, Bernadette Broderick, Lía Corrales, Katherine de Kleer, Meagan Elinski, Jacob Gayles. 2nd row: Leslie Hamachi, Farnaz Heidar-Zadeh, Tova Holmes, Fang Liu, Anne Medling, Maren Mossman, Johanna Nagy. Third row: Denise Okafor, Rebecca Rapf, Paul Robustelli, Timothy Su, Jessica Swanson, Michael Welsh.)

AHN, Innovation Works AlphaLab Health Joint Venture Receives $10 Million Grant to Create Revolving Investment Fund.
AlphaLab Health, an accelerator program developed by Innovation Works and Allegheny Health Network for life-sciences startups in the Pittsburgh region, has received a $10 million grant from an anonymous donor to create an evergreen fund. Read more.

In Memoriam: Carole Falcon-Chandler, 1939-2024.
Carole Falcon-Chandler, long-time president of Aaniiih Nakoda College, a tribal college located on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in Montana, passed away on April 23. She was 85 years old. Read more.


We are pleased to welcome the first members of our new Council of Corporate Leadership!


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Dear Colleagues, 

I am pleased to include another issue of RFS Briefings with some timely and encouraging updates on women in science.

Please continue to share important news and opportunities with us so that we may share it with you and others who are committed to supporting the careers of exceptional women in science.

Stay safe and sound,

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Karla Shepard Rubinger
Executive Director
Rosalind Franklin Society

SWHR Hosts 34th Annual Awards Gala.

The Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR) hosted its 2024 Annual Awards Gala on Thursday, April 25, 2024. Read more. Our Journal of Women’s Health was the media sponsor, and Awards went to Dr. Carolyn Mazure who leads the new White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research, activist Maria Shriver, and Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy. You can access Dr. Mazure’s recent RFS presentation here: Image: Maria Shriver and Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.

A Simple Act of Defiance Can Improve Science for Women.
“They don’t tell you beforehand that it will be a choice between having a career in science or starting a family. But that’s the message I heard loud and clear 17 years ago, in my first job after completing my Ph.D. in evolutionary biology,” writes Dr. Toby Kiers, a professor of evolutionary biology at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and the executive director of SPUN, a research organization that advocates the protection of mycorrhizal fungal communities. Read more.

Carolee Lee Named to 2024 TIME 100 Health List: The 100 Most Influential People in Global Health.

This prestigious recognition serves as a testament to Carolee Lee's outstanding contributions to advancing women's health on a global scale. She is the founder of Women’s Health Access Matters (WHAM), an organization that advocates for more research involving and differentiating women. Read more. (Image via Carolee Lee)

President Biden announces recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, including 2 amazing women in science: Jane Rigby and Ellen Ochoa. 
Ellen Ochoa is the first Hispanic woman in space and the second female Director of NASA’s renowned Johnson Space Center. Dr. Ochoa has flown in space four times, logged nearly 1,000 hours in orbit, and continues to inspire young generations of scientists. Jane Rigby, an astronomer who grew up in Delaware, is the chief scientist of the world’s most powerful telescope. A prolific researcher, Dr. Rigby embodies the American spirit of adventure and wonder. Read more.

Streamlining Cell and Gene Therapy Scalability: Progress Towards a Gold Standard.
With approvals of novel cell and gene therapy products by the FDA anticipated to reach double figures in 2024—following eight US approvals in 2023—advancements in cell and gene therapy (CGT) products are paving the way for early-stage program developers. In this roundtable webinar on May 13, 8:00 am PT, expert panelists such as Lisa Kirkwood, Associate Director, Analytical at AAVantgarde Bio, will discuss a concept-to-cure program pathway, sharing insights and exploring challenges from a development, manufacturing, and testing perspective. Read more.

Trailblazing in Marine Science ft. Dr. Tiara Moore on The Science of Life Podcast.

Join Dr. Raven Baxter for an insightful conversation with Dr. Tiara Moore, the innovative mind behind Black in Marine Science. Discover the narrative of BIMS and its vital quest for equality in marine science. Read more. You can watch Dr. Baxter's RFS presentation here. Image: Dr. Tiara Moore.

Nominate Exceptional Research Advocates for the 2025 Advocacy Awards!
The awards recognize individuals and organizations whose commitment to advocacy for research and innovation has advanced medical and public health progress in profoundly important ways. The deadline for nominations is Friday, May 31, 2024. Read more.

The Women Behind the Bioscience at Colossal Biosciences.
Colossal Biosciences has become world-renowned for its groundbreaking work reviving long-extinct species from the woolly mammoth to the dodo bird and the Tasmanian tiger. Here’s a look at some of Colossal’s top female scientists and how they contribute to the company’s invaluable mission. Read more.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Cells with AI: A Fireside Conversation with Dr. Priscilla Chan.

Check out this interview on how AI can accelerate scientific discovery with Dr. Priscilla Chan, co-founder and co-CEO of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), and Dr. Richard Lifton, president of Rockefeller University. Read more.

Drug Licensed from Sanofi Becomes First FDA-Approved Therapy for Ultra-Rare Primary Immunodeficiency. 
The FDA approved X4 Pharmaceuticals drug Xolremdi for treating WHIM syndrome. The molecule, which addresses the underlying cause of this rare immunodeficiency, was licensed from Sanofi’s Genzyme subsidiary. Read more.

Prebys Foundation Announces $7 Million Program to Support 14 Women in Advanced Medical Research.
The program will award a two-year, $500,000 grant to each of the researchers, who Prebys said demonstrate “exceptional promise in areas critical to advancing medical science, including liver, gastric, and pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, infectious disease, and mental health.” Read more.

Erin Kara named Edgerton Award winner.

The award recognizes exceptional distinction in teaching, research, and service at MIT. Professor Erin Kara is an observational astrophysicist who is a faculty member in the Department of Physics and a member of the MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research (MKI). She uses high-energy transients and time-variable phenomena to understand the physics behind how black holes grow and how they affect their environments. Read more. Photo by Steph Stephens.

Meet the 2024 Goldman Environmental Prize Winners. 
Each year, the Goldman Environmental Prize is awarded to grassroots environmental champions from around the world. They recognize individuals who are fighting on the frontlines of the greatest environmental issues of our time. Prize winners protect endangered ecosystems and species, combat destructive industries and developments, promote sustainable and environmentally friendly policies, and push for environmental justice. Read more.

The New York Academy of Medicine Welcomes New SVP for Research: Kathryn T. Hall, PhD, MPH.

In her SVP role, Kathryn T. Hall will lead NYAM’s research enterprise, provide strategic leadership to shape and advance the research, evaluation, and policy impact work conducted through their research centers and by their Senior Scholars and Scientists. Read more.

We are pleased to welcome the first members of our new Council of Corporate Leadership!


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Dear Colleagues, 

I am pleased to include another issue of RFS Briefings with some timely and encouraging updates on women in science.

Please continue to share important news and opportunities with us so that we may share it with you and others who are committed to supporting the careers of exceptional women in science.

Stay safe and sound,

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Karla Shepard Rubinger
Executive Director
Rosalind Franklin Society

A biomedical engineer pivots from human movement to women’s health.

As a fellow in the MIT Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for Engineering Excellence, Shaniel Bowen explores a topic that has seen little research — women's sexual anatomy and health. Currently, Bowen devotes a portion of her time to outreach, health promotion, and education, primarily focusing on women’s health issues. Photo: Gretchen Ertl (MIT News). Read more.

Apply Now for the MMRF 2024 Research Fellows Award Program.
The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation will provide $150,000 in research funding over two years to successful applicants who seek to learn more about the biology of myeloma and identify new approaches to monitor for and treat the disease. Read more.

The capital women need, for the future we all need.
Melinda French Gates has introduced a new white paper that discusses the barriers that women, especially in Africa, face in accessing capital and how philanthropic, public and private sectors can come together to close gender financing gaps. Read more.

A “corporate athlete” mindset is key to a healthy life. Here’s how to find it.
How can women find balance in their lives so they can achieve their professional goals, feel satisfied as they nurture their families, and keep their health in check? Katz Institute for Women's Health sat down with LaShonda Anderson-Williams, EVP & chief strategy officer of Salesforce Global Health & Life Sciences. Read more.

FASEB announces the recipients of its 2024 Excellence in Science Awards.

“The 2024 FASEB Excellence in Science Award recipients reflect achievements as leaders in the biomedical research community,” says Mary-Ann Bjornsti, PhD, FASEB President and former Chair of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).  “Each awardee has demonstrated excellence and innovation in their research field and exemplified a steadfast commitment to future researchers through their mentoring activities.” Read more.

Pathways to Prevention (P2P)’s Postpartum Health Initiative.
The Pathways to Prevention (P2P) workshop Identifying Risks and Interventions to Optimize Postpartum Health aims to address the maternal health crisis by identifying and closing research gaps in postpartum health. Two new reports from the workshop are now available, and they describe current research activities and outline resources and opportunities for advancing research to predict and prevent poor postpartum health outcomes. Read more.

Essential Health Care Services Related to Anxiety and Mood Disorders in Women.
On April 29-30, The National Academies Forum on Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders will host a hybrid public workshop to explore mental health care services related to anxiety and mood disorders in women. The workshop will examine currently available evidence to identify, define, and prepare strategies for the provision of essential healthcare services related to anxiety and mood disorders in women across the life course. Read more.

Six people, including four women, were selected as this year's winners of the Samsung Hoam Award.

Six recipients of the Samsung Ho-Am Prize were named by the Ho-Am Foundation, with the most women included on the list in the award's 34-year history. Dr. K. Heran Darwin, a Vilcek Foundation board member, is a biologist who discovered the protein recycling system in tuberculosis for the first time, suggesting the possibility of developing new treatments through research on bacterial infections. Read more. Image: Dr. K. Heran Darwin (Vilcek Foundation)

She Dreams of Pink Planets and Alien Dinosaurs.
Lisa Kaltenegger, founding director of the Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell University, hunts for aliens in space by studying Earth across time. “I think a lot of people might not be so aware of where we are right now, and that they are living in this momentous time in history,” she said. “We can all be a part of it.” Read more.

People invent things – AI just helps, biotech IP expert tells Congress.
Clear laws giving intellectual property rights to human inventors who use artificial intelligence will allow us to take advantage of the remarkable advances AI can bring to biotechnology, a biotech patent expert told Congress on April 10. Read more.

A Gold Medal for America’s Rosies, the Women on the Home Front.

Rosie the Riveters, American women who filled a crucial labor shortage during World War II and reshaped the workforce, received a Congressional Gold Medal. Read more.

The Prize Competition for Enhancing Faculty Gender Diversity: Toolkit is Now Live.
The Prize Competition for Enhancing Faculty Gender Diversity: Toolkit identifies the best practices of the winners of the NIH Prize for Enhancing Faculty Gender Diversity in Biomedical and Behavioral Science, which recognized institutions whose biomedical and behavioral science departments, centers, or divisions achieved sustained improvement in gender diversity. Read more.

The American Association of Immunologists Congratulates Recipients of 2024 Intersect Fellowships for Computational Scientists and Immunologists. 
The AAI Intersect Fellowship Program for Computational Scientists and Immunologists provides independent research scientists with one year of salary support for postdoctoral fellows trained in basic bench research to undertake one year of training in computational science, or postdoctoral fellows trained in computational science to spend one year in an immunology research lab to learn basic immunological principles and laboratory techniques. Read more.

A life-course approach to women’s health.
Nature is launching a new Series as a starting point for discussions on how to improve the health of women and girls as part of a route to achieving global health equity. Read more.

Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships Announce 2024 Class of Distinguished New Americans.
In addition to receiving up to $90,000 in funding for the graduate program of their choice, the 2024 Paul & Daisy Soros Fellows join a distinguished community of past recipients. The alumni network includes US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, who is the first surgeon general of Indian descent and helped lead the national response to Ebola, Zika, and the coronavirus. Read more.

Maiken Nedergaard Wins 2024 HFSP Nakasone Award for Pioneering Science of Sleep and Neurodegenerative Disease.

“Dr. Nedergaard forever changed the way we understand sleep as an essential biological function that promotes brain health and plays a crucial role in preventing diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, and Huntington Disease,” said HFSPO Secretary-General Pavel Kabat. “It is a fundamental discovery worthy of being honored with the 2024 HFSP Nakasone Award.” Read more.

Naughty by Nature: Sex in the Animal Kingdom ft. Anastasia Shavrova, Ph.D.

In the exciting debut episode of "The Science of Life," Dr. Raven Baxter kicks off an exhilarating journey into the heart of life sciences, intersecting with the raw truths of social sciences. This episode features a fascinating conversation with Dr. Anastasia Shavrova, a trailblazer in the study of sex evolution and sexual conflicts among animals. Read more. Dr. Baxter was a past RFS speaker, you can check out her presentation here. Image: Dr. Raven Baxter.

How to realize immense promise of gene editing.
Jennifer Doudna, whose work on CRISPR earned her the 2020 Nobel Prize in chemistry, applauded the recent approval of a CRISPR-based gene-editing therapy to help those struggling with sickle-cell disease. Read more.

The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Taps 188 Fellows to the Ranks of 19,000 Fellows Honored Since 1925.
“The Guggenheim Fellowship is a life-changing recognition. It’s a celebrated investment into the lives and careers of distinguished artists, scholars, scientists, writers and other cultural visionaries who are meeting these challenges head-on and generating new possibilities and pathways across the broader culture as they do so,” said Edward Hirsch, award-winning poet and president of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. Read more.

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Awards Distinguished Investigator Grants Valued at $1 Million to 10 Scientists Pursuing Innovative Mental Health Research.

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation announced it is awarding Distinguished Investigator Grants valued at $1 million to 10 senior-level scientists (7 are women in science!) Recipients of the $100,000, one-year grants are exploring new frontiers in understanding a wide range of neuropsychiatric disorders, including autism, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and the potential connection between mental illness and cannabis use. Read more.

Orcutt Speaks on Deep-Sea Mining for Congressional Panel.
Bigelow Laboratory Senior Research Scientist and Vice President for Research Beth Orcutt was recently in Washington D.C. to participate in a panel exploring the environmental, technological, and policy challenges around deep-sea mining. Read more.


We are pleased to welcome the first members of our new Council of Corporate Leadership!


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Dear Colleagues, 

I am pleased to include another issue of RFS Briefings with some timely and encouraging updates on women in science.

Please continue to share important news and opportunities with us so that we may share it with you and others who are committed to supporting the careers of exceptional women in science.

Stay safe and sound,

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Karla Shepard Rubinger
Executive Director
Rosalind Franklin Society


Big Bets.
Presidents of the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation challenge us to push big bets in philanthropy to address big global problems. A presentation in NYC on April 9th provided an overflow audience with an energized look at how large-scale global change can happen. It is part of the legacy and continuing priority of these two iconic foundations. The centerpiece of the discussion was the new best-seller by Rajiv Shah, Big Bets. Read more. Image: Darren Walker, Ford Foundation; Rajiv Shah, Rockefeller Foundation.

2025 Vilcek Prizes for Creative Promise in Biomedical Science.
The Vilcek Foundation will award three Vilcek Prizes for Creative Promise of $50,000 each to young, immigrant biomedical scientists who demonstrate outstanding early achievement. Applications are open through June 10, 2024. Read more.

The 2023-2024 Research!America Microgrant awards.
Research!America, with support from the Rita Allen Foundation, is awarding microgrants of $1,000 to $4,000 to 21 graduate student and postdoc-led science policy groups from across the U.S. to initiate civic engagement and educational outreach activities in their communities. The Rita Allen Foundation has also been an important supporter of the RFS Awards in Science. Read more.

Overlooked No More: Yvonne Barr, Who Helped Discover a Cancer-Causing Virus.
Virologist Yvonne Barr worked with the pathologist Anthony Epstein, who died last month, in finding for the first time a virus that could cause cancer. It’s known as the Epstein-Barr virus. Read more.

The Pershing Square Foundation announced the seven winners of the “MIND” Prize (Maximizing Innovation in Neuroscience Discovery).

Congratulations to Faranak Fattahi, PhD., whose lab aims to investigate the elusive role of Schwann cell-neuron interaction in motor neuron dysfunction and degeneration in ALS. This could ultimately lead to novel therapeutic avenues for those affected by ALS and other neuromuscular diseases. Read more. Image via NIH.

Are women’s prime working years in peril?
Women’s healthcare has been neglected for decades. McKinsey research dispels some of the myths about women’s health and suggests ways to significantly improve health outcomes—and the economy. Read more.

Call for Presentations for Public Summit on Preventing Sexual Harassment in Higher Education.
The Action Collaborative on Preventing Sexual Harassment in Higher Education invites submissions for presentations, posters, and sessions on practices to address and prevent sexual harassment in higher education and research that can help inform such practices. Read more.

The University of San Diego Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Physics and Biophysics Earns 2024 Cottrell Scholar Award.

For her past achievements as a researcher and educator and for her ambitious plans to study quantum turbulence and to teach students quantum technologies, Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Physics and Biophysics Maren Mossman, PhD, has earned a 2024 Cottrell Scholar Award. Read more. Image via University of San Diego.

Women in Science: Follow your passion and you’ll get to where you’re meant to be. 
From math hater to a leader in clinical data, it’s been a long journey for Jennifer Visser-Rogers, vice president for statistical research and consultancy at Phastar. Read more.

What's it like to live in space? One astronaut says it changes her dreams.

NASA astronaut and Expedition 70 Flight Engineer Loral O'Hara is pictured working with the Microgravity Science Glovebox, a contained environment crew members use to handle hazardous materials for various research investigations in space. Read more. Image credit: NASA.

The Beacon Award for Women Leaders in Oncology.
The AIM-HI Beacon Award for Women Leaders in Oncology recognizes outstanding women leaders in all sectors of the health and life sciences industry who have made a significant impact on advancing cancer treatment, detection, and diagnosis for patients worldwide through the development and commercialization of novel technologies, advocacy, and/or implementation of public policy. The Nomination Deadline for the 2024 Beacon Award is Friday, May 31, 2024, at 11:55 PM Eastern time. Read more.

Overlooked No More: Henrietta Leavitt, Who Unraveled Mysteries of the Stars. 
The portrait that emerged from her discovery, called Leavitt’s Law, showed that the universe was hundreds of times bigger than astronomers had imagined. This article is part of Overlooked, a series of obituaries about remarkable people whose deaths, beginning in 1851, went unreported in The Times. Read more.

Hilton Humanitarian Prize.
At $2.5 million, the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize is the world’s largest annual humanitarian award presented to nonprofit organizations judged to have made extraordinary contributions toward alleviating human suffering. Which organization will you nominate? All nominations must be submitted online by Tuesday, April 30, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Read more.

One Unintended Consequence of SPUTNIK: My Career in Science.

Dr. Carol Shoshkes Reiss is the oldest daughter of a first-generation American who struggled against the antisemitism of the 1940s to become a successful physician, as her mother was an artist and interior designer. She delves into her family, studies, and professional career in this book. Read more. Image via New York University.

‘Maybe I was never meant to be in science’: how imposter syndrome seizes scientist mothers.
Brazilian biologist Fernanda Staniscuaski founded the Parent in Science advocacy movement after talking with other scientist parents. In the fourth episode of this six-part podcast series about Latin American women in science, Staniscuaski lists the movement’s achievements so far, and the challenges that lie ahead. Read more.

Estella Bergere Leopold (1927–2024), passionate environmentalist who traced changing ecosystems.
Leopold, who has died aged 97, was an ardent conservationist who argued that nature should be cherished and protected. She thought that science should be used in defense of the planet; this is evident in her writings, lectures and political activism. Read more.

CDC Foundation Fries Awards for Health.
The CDC Foundation’s Fries Awards for Health is accepting nominations now through May 7th for both the Fries Prize for Improving Health and the Elizabeth Fries Health Education Award. The mission of the Foundation is to identify and honor individuals, organizations, or institutions which have made great contributions to the health of the public. Read more.

ARPA-H launches program to retrain immune cells to combat diseases.

“By developing agents that target specific immune cell types, essentially providing on-the-job instructions to cells already active inside your body, we hope to make advanced immunotherapies available close to home for Americans across the country,” said Program Manager Daria Fedyukina, Ph.D. “The science is primed to provide these advances, and EMBODY will focus on innovations in validation, quality, and delivery that can translate to huge wins for individuals and their caregivers.” Read more. Image:Daria Fedyukina, Ph.D. Program Manager, Health Science Futures, ARPA-H.

‘Alarming’ Turning Point for Women in C-Suite, S&P Global Warns.
Women’s representation in senior level positions at US companies faces an “alarming turning point,” with steady growth showing signs of fatigue for the first time in two decades, according to a new report. Read more.

Jennifer Raab’s journey from academia to ‘rustic, cowboy things’ and stem cell research.
Former Hunter College President Jennifer Raab just after the start of the new year took on a new assignment as CEO and president of the New York Stem Cell Foundation. City & State caught up with Raab at her office in the foundation’s research facility on Manhattan’s West Side to talk about how she was convinced to take on a new role and the impact she expects the nonprofit to have on what she calls “miracle biology.” Read more.

Join Anne Wojcicki, CEO of 23andMe at The State of Omics.
The past two years have seen exciting advances in the world of genomics, as several companies threaten to disrupt the next-gen sequencing (NGS) establishment. In this 4-hour event on Wednesday, April 17 –The State of Omics—leaders from the world of genome technology, analysis, NGS, and multi-omics offer a pulsating view of the rapid progress in this field. Anne Wojcicki, CEO of 23andMe, is a featured speaker. Read more.

We are pleased to welcome the first members of our new Council of Corporate Leadership!


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Dear Colleagues, 

I am pleased to include another issue of RFS Briefings with some timely and encouraging updates on women in science.

We hope you saw our first presentation for "Monthly Mondays," an exciting new webinar series of interviews and presentations brought to you by the Rosalind Franklin Society. This series is dedicated to showcasing the inspiring work, innovative research, and transformative achievements of women and minorities in the fields of science, medicine, and Biotechnology. In partnership with Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News and Mary Ann Liebert Publishers, we will showcase the significant contributions and unique paths and opportunities in academia, public agencies, and industry.

We are thrilled to have broadcast the first presentation of the series on March 25 featuring Dr. Carolyn Mazure, Yale University School of Medicine, director of the new White House Initiative on Women's Health Research. This session provided valuable insights and updates on the initiative which, under the leadership of First Lady Jill Biden, aims to fundamentally change how we approach and fund women's research. You can Watch the OnDemand Recording Now. 

Please continue to share important news and opportunities with us so that we may share it with you and others who are committed to supporting the careers of exceptional women in science.

Stay safe and sound,

Karla Signature

Karla Shepard Rubinger
Executive Director
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Novel Research Illuminates Breast Milk's Unique Contribution to COVID-19 Defense in Infants.

Yarden Golan Maor, Ph.D., RD, was named the 2024 recipient of the Ruth A. Lawrence Investigator Award for Outstanding Contributions to Advancing Human Milk Science. Her research highlights antibody transfer to infants through breastfeeding, strengthening the understanding of breast milk's role against infectious diseases. An independent panel of expert judges selected Dr. Golan's research because it exemplifies the importance of human milk science and its potential global health significance. Dr. Lawrence was the founding editor of the peer-reviewed journal Breastfeeding Medicine and a founder of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine. Read more.

Winners of the 2024 Hill Prizes announced.
TAMEST (Texas Academy of Medicine, Engineering, Science and Technology) and Lyda Hill Philanthropies today announced the recipients of the 2024 Hill Prizes. The prizes, funded by Lyda Hill Philanthropies, accelerate high-risk, high-reward research ideas with significant potential for real-world impact. We are also pleased that Lyda Hill Philanthropies is an important funder of RFS. Read more.

Protecting women's health.
Explore the ways these powerful women dive into critical components of caring for women--reproductive, postpartum, and maternal healthcare. How can we improve the healthcare system so that all women receive the care they need? Read more.

SWHR Announces 2024 Honorees for Women’s Health Visionary Awards in Advance of Annual Awards Gala.

Join supporters of the Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR) as they gather in-person for SWHR’s 2024 Annual Awards Gala on Thursday, April 25, 2024. SWHR will recognize Janine Austin Clayton, MD, FARVO, Maria Shriver, and Shontelle Dodson, PharmD for their commitment to improving women’s health. Read more.

Funding Opportunity: Building the Next Generation of STEMM Leaders in the Field of Environmental Justice.
The Gulf Research Program (GRP) is seeking proposals from nonprofit and community based organizations with 501(c)(3) status that have existing environmental justice (EJ) programs to cultivate the next generation of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine (STEMM) leaders. Read more.

Climate Conversations: Women in Climate Science.
During Women’s History Month, the National Academy of Sciences showcased the role of women in climate science and climate leadership. Amanda Staudt (National Academies Climate Crossroads) moderated a conversation with Kripa Jagannathan (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and Miriam Gay-Antaki (University of New Mexico) exploring how institutions and governments can elevate women climate scientists. Read more. 

University of Minnesota President-Designate Dr. Rebecca Cunningham.

Dr. Rebecca Cunningham, M.D., an emergency room physician and vice president for research and innovation at the University of Michigan, has been named president-designate for the University of Minnesota. Read more. Image via University of Minnesota.

The Gold Foundation to honor three extraordinary leaders with the 2024 National Humanism in Medicine Medal.

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation, the leading nonprofit dedicated to humanism in healthcare for all, announced the 2024 recipients of the National Humanism in Medicine Medal: internationally recognized nurse scientist, sociologist, and transformational leader for global health and women’s health, Dr. Afaf Ibrahim Meleis; visionary pediatrician, activist, and author Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha; and innovative healthcare executive and gun violence prevention advocate Michael J. Dowling. Read more.

2024 Eric and Wendy Schmidt Awards for Excellence in Science Communications.
Submissions are now being accepted for the 2024 Eric and Wendy Schmidt Awards for Excellence in Science Communications, given by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in partnership with Schmidt Sciences. Read more.

Nominate Health Care Pioneers for the 2024 Lienhard Award, Sarnat Prize, and Hamburg Award.
Nominations are now open for the National Academy of Medicine's 2024 Gustav O. Lienhard Award for Advancement of Health Care, Rhoda and Bernard Sarnat International Prize in Mental Health, and the David and Beatrix Hamburg Award for Advances in Biomedical Research and Clinical Medicine. Nominations will remain open until May 15, 2024. Please help the NAM recognize health care services experts, mental health innovators, and creative biomedical scientists - nominate a colleague today! Read more.

BIOS-SCOPE Collaboration Investigator Elizabeth B. Kujawinski Wins G. Evelyn Hutchinson Award.

The Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography has named oceanographer Elizabeth B. Kujawinski the winner of the 2024 Evelyn Hutchinson Award. The honor recognizes mid-career scientists in limnology or oceanography who have made “considerable contributions to knowledge and whose future work promises a continued legacy of scientific excellence.” Read more.Image via Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Second Cohort of AI2050 Early Career Fellows Named By Schmidt Sciences.
Schmidt Sciences announced the second cohort of nineteen AI2050 Early Career Fellows who will pursue bold and multidisciplinary research in artificial intelligence (AI), more than half are women! Read more.

ARPA-H joins DARPA’s AI Cyber Challenge to safeguard nation’s health care infrastructure from cyberattacks.
In the wake of recent cyberattacks targeting our nation’s digital health infrastructure, there is increased urgency to develop straightforward and dependable solutions to protect patients’ data and access to care,” said ARPA-H Director Renee Wegrzyn. “In an increasingly connected world, cyberattacks on our infrastructure are a tremendous threat to national security. Similarly, connected sectors like transportation, water, and energy can have a cascading impact on a hospital’s ability to provide care,” said DARPA Director Stefanie Tompkins. Read more. 


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